10 Cool Glass Windows 7 Themes

Like glass? Get some Aero-inspired glossy themes 10 Cool Glass Windows 7 Themes

Update: If you are looking for our Windows 10 themes instead, you need to check out this page which we will update throughout 2015

1. Victorian Glass Windows 7 Themes

Super cool glossy pattern. Nice shell style. Nice taskbar. Nice Start orb. Very cool Windows 7 theme!

Download Victorian | Mirror

2. Silica + Silica Glass theme for Windows 7

A glassy visual style with great usability. This package includes two Windows 7 themes, one regular, one glass theme.

Download DBZ | Mirror

3. Elegant-Glass-V2

Classy glassy theme for Windows 7

Download Elegant | Mirror

4. DarkClear Top Glass Theme

Awesome theme design with a nice orb and cool hover effects (blue glow on links)

Download DarkClear | Mirror

5. Orange Cult – Dark Glass Theme With Rainy Background Wallpaper

This is a great one! Stylish artistic and relaxing Windows 7 theme with a rainy background image and a glass UI.

Download Rain | Mirror

6. Windows 7 Red Glass Theme

Great glass theme, you will have a choice between solid black background or full glass one.

Glass Red

Download Glass Red | Mirror

7. Curved Glass FX

Curved Glass is one of the best Windows 7 themes for fans of glass themes. Great FX
Curved Glass
Download Curved Glass | Mirror

8. Aero Glass Theme for Customizers

An artistic glass theme. Still work to do – for customizers!

Aero Theme

Download Aero | Mirror

9. Glass Clear Windows 7 Themes

A rather basic theme without rounded edges. If you like the default Windows 7 shell and don’t a glass Aero Start Menu, pick this one.

Clear Glass
Download Clear Glass | Mirror

10. Landscape Dark Glass

Dark Glass
Download Dark Glass | Mirror

Published: Monday, June 6th, 2011 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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