10 Best Red Custom Windows 7 Themes

Red Windows 7 themes are pretty cool sometimes if you’re in the mood for a custom red/dark desktop. To fully change your Windows 7 shell to a red color you need some custom Windows 7 shell themes. Here are 10 of the best red Windows 7 themes that you can find online.

Best Custom Red Windows 7 Themes

The following list is a compilation of some of the best custom red Windows 7 themes. Not all are actually red Windows 7 themes, some only include some red wallpapers, but the majority of them includes red shell elements.

1. Dead Pool VS7: Comic-Like Windows 7 Themes

Very cool Red comic-like theme with red shell elements and a black Start menu!

Dead Pool
Download Dead Pool | Mirror

2. “Red 7″ Windows 7 themes are HOT

This one of the most popular red Windows 7 themes. It’s simply called RED. This theme includes a  full “glass” command prompt and full glass start menu. Along with the red wallpaper this combinations simply rocks, a great custom theme for all Aero fans. Keep in mind, you need the Windows 7 Start orb changer and run it as administrator in order to change your start orb.

Red 7 Theme
Download Red 7 | Mirror

3. Dark Red Themes: “Red Night”

This is desaturated red dark theme for Windows 7. If you like dark custom Windows 7 themes then you should give it a try. A bit unconvential Start orb and system tray. Something for full

Red Night Theme
Download Red Night | Mirror

4. RED and BLACK Theme for Windows 7 Incl. Rainmeter Themes

Wow! A stunning theme that fully customizes Windows 7. If you haven’t spotted it yet, yes that is a Rainmeter theme called Engima. Find out more about Windows 7 Rainmeter themes

Red and Black Theme
Download Red And Black | Mirror

5. Dark7z (unfinished Theme)

This one is for the dark fans who enjoy the Red Black combination. It’s not finished but it’s a red custom theme that you might want to add to your watchlist.

Red Theme
Download Red | Mirror

6. Top: Red Aero Revised for Windows 7

Another great Red theme by sagorpirbd. It’s a full Aero theme, very minimalistic with some autumn wallpapers.

Red Aero Theme
Download Red Aero | Mirror

7. Red Fusion Theme for Windows 7

Cool red theme with a dark-greyish combination. Red Fusion is one of the more popular custom Windows 7 themes. It’s not one of my favorite themes, but everyone prefers something else. The design is pretty bulky:

Red Fusion Theme
Download Red Fusion | Mirror

8. More “Red” Themes: G7 update 1

This is more of a dark Aero theme, but it features a red wallpaper ;) Anyway, I really like the navigation buttons and Start menu:

Download Red | Mirror

9. Red Crystal Gloss Windows 7 Theme

A very cool Windows 7 theme including fonts,wallpaper and many more custom red designs. If you are on the lookout for high-quality custom themes, this one is very elegant and definitely one of the best Windows 7 shell themes out there.

Crystal Gloss
Download Crystal Gloss | Mirror

10. “scoop”, a Kiilki mod VS

A theme based on “Kiilki VS” by Nittiyh, now known as Soiaa. Fully transparent explorer and start menu on a red background. Top!

Download Scoop | Mirror


If you find any other cool custom red Windows 7 themes, post a link to them below. We’ll be posting more custom Windows 7 themes soon, so stay tuned for more “best of the best”.

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