Download 5 Alienware Windows 7 Themes And Skins

We scoured the web to find the best Alienware Windows 7 themes and Rainmeter skins for your desktop PC. Some of them can fully transform your desktop, definitely worth downloading if you want a more customized PC! Make sure to

Tip for Rainmeter themes: Head over to and download the latest version. As of right now the latest version is 2.5.0 beta r1767 64-bit, you may need it to install some of the skins

1 Featured Theme By Mr-Blade: Alienware Evolution

Mr-Blade from DeviantArt created an amazing theme package. This look like it is the most complete theme for your desktop: With a completely remodeled Windows 7 UI, new Start orb, modified taskbar, new stylish blue-glowing edges for your explorer, Rainmeter skins par excellence, new cursors fonts and even custom sounds. Yes, it’ll will take time to install it, but with our helpful guides on this subject you should get there eventually

Alienware Windows 7 Themes

Download skins on DeviantArt | Please make sure to add this to donate points / fav.

Alienware Breed Theme By DarkEagle2011

The following theme can be easily customized to make it your own custom Alienware skin. The idea of a circle in the middle of your desktop is not new but this Alien theme makes it actually look cool. On a sidenote, I would like to recommend CircleDock to everyone if you would like to bring the “circle” to a next level

Alienware Breed Theme

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2 Alienware Hexagon Theme by DarkEagle2011

This is yet another theme by DarkEagle. He combined a very cool hexagon wallpaper with various Rainmeter hexagons – this works incredibly well and I almost like it more than any of the other Alienware themes above. This works just fine on Windows 7 and you can add all sorts of useful hexagon shortcuts

Alienware Hexagon Desktop

Download skins on DeviantArt | Add favs if you like it

3 Concept Idea: Alien Eclipse – Very Cool Desktop Circle

The following is an idea by carlzayed – he most likely used CircleDock for his desktop

Alienware Eclipse Theme

4 Alienware Windows 7 Themepacks

Alienware Themepacks

5 Cool Alien Wallpapers

Alienware Heads

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Occasionally, you can find a few Alienware laptops on Amazon, including the one Sheldon uses in a few episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”

Send us your Alienware Windows 7 themes and concepts! Best will be featured

If you would like to have your concept of actual skin featured on our site, send us your best work to [email protected]!

Published: Monday, August 12th, 2013 Last Modified: November 3, 2014

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