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FEATURED: How to create Windows 7 Themes?

How to create Windows 7 Themes? A lot of people ask me how to create Windows 7 themes or themepacks. If you want to make some simple themepacks in Windows 7, you have to know that Microsoft made creating and sharing themes really simple, thanks to a new file format “.themepack”

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Posted: April 10 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Installing Windows 7 Themes How To Guide2 100x100 Jpg This will be a guide how to install Windows 7 themes properly. You can install themepacks created on Windows 7 by double-clicking on it, but for 3rd party themes you will have to patch your uxtheme.dll and some other dll files first.

Posted: April 7 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

How To Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working 100x38 Jpg
Do you get the message “Internet Explorer has stopped working”? There are some things you can try to fix this annoying error. Below we outlined various steps you can take to get rid off the error

Posted: April 6 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Appwiz Cpl 100x100 Jpg Do you want some handy shortcuts for the most important Windows 7 tools? If so, here is a list of some very handy shortcuts.

Posted: March 30 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 7 Aero Themes Greyed Out 100x100 Jpg Are your Windows 7 Aero themes greyed out and you cant enable them? If you can’t run or activate any Aero themes you can follow some short instructions to enable Aero themes again or if your graphic card driver does not support WDDM, you can download our registry hack.

Posted: March 30 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Bootmgr Is Missing Windows 7 100x86 Jpg The dreaded message bootmgr is missing still exists today, but luckily there are some easy solutions that can help you to fix your boot manager and launch your computer again!

Posted: March 29 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

How To Delete Windows 7 Themes 100x100 Png Installed too many Windows 7 themes? This is a quick tutorial that will teach you how to delete Windows 7 themes. You’ll also learn more about the Windows 7 themes folder location to delete multiple themes at once.

Posted: March 12 2014 - Written by: Tzvetan Todorov

Malwarebytes Anti Malware 100x100 Jpg Running an anti-virus program alone cannot offer adequate protection against all computer threats as many of these programs fail to detect the latest spyware or malware.

Posted: March 12 2014 - Written by: Tzvetan Todorov

Computer Security Guidelines 100x100 Jpg Knowing the best computer security practices and following them in your daily activities accounts for 90% of your computer security. Once you learn and stick to these practices, you can easily thwart most of the common computer attacks.

Posted: March 12 2014 - Written by: Tzvetan Todorov

Top 10 Security Threats 100x100 Jpg All networked computers are exposed to various types of computer attacks, which can cause financial loss, work disruption, identity theft, and other damages.

Posted: March 6 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Open Network And Sharing Center 100x100 Png Error 651 is quite an annoying error, but you can quite easily fix it on Windows following a few instructions

Posted: March 6 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Slmgr Rearm Windows Activation 100x100 Png This is a follow-up to our guide on how to fix the slui.exe – this time we are taking a look at how to fix the error “This copy of Windows is not genuine”, which could mean you need an install disk for your laptop or a completely new license

Posted: February 21 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Allow Windows 7 Themes To Change Mouse Pointers 100x100 Jpg Some themes that you will be able to download from our site will change the mouse pointers of Windows 7. However, sometimes you might not want to use the mouse pointers of the theme but your very own pack of mouse pointers.How would you do that?

Posted: February 14 2014 - Written by: Will McGuire

Handbrake IPhone 300x2251 100x100 Jpg Converting video files for iPhone’s can lead you down a few different paths but here is a guide to get it done simply and quickly!

Posted: February 12 2014 - Written by: Will McGuire

Lamp Applications 300x1601 100x100 Jpg Linux,Apachche,MySQL and PHP websites and applications can easily be developed on Windows too. Here’s how to get started.

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