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Posted: July 9 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81rtm1 100x100 Jpg On Monday, Microsoft gave computer users and computer manufacturers the news that they have been craving for in regards to the Windows 8.1 release. The blog post by Microosft detailed when the release date for the upcoming Windows 8.1 would be given to computer makers.

Posted: July 8 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Evernotewin81 100x100 Jpg In Windows 8 and Windows Touch news, Evernote released a brand new update that gives users the ability to use the widely popular program in all new exciting ways. The touch updates give users a new interface, a touch support update, and business support that will help users 24/7.

Posted: June 27 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Windows811 100x100 Jpg On Wednesday during their Build conference, Microsoft announced the release of the rumored and talked about Blue 8.1 version of Windows. This updates version of Windows is anticipated to make users of Windows 8 much happier with their latest OS.

Posted: June 12 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Surfaceupdates2 100x100 Jpg On Tuesday, Microsoft announced and released new fixes for their Windows Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, including an improved Wake Up feature

Posted: June 9 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81devices2 100x100 Jpg Various Microsoft partners announced smaller Windows 8 tablets and devices that will take advantage of the Windows 8.1 touchscreen.

Posted: June 4 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Windows812 100x100 Jpg On Monday, Microsoft announced a number of enhancements and improvements coming to Windows 8.1 in their TechEd 2013 presentation to IT pros. In its keynote, Microsoft finally is giving enterprise customers the tools they need to deploy Windows 8.

Posted: June 4 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Windowsrt812 100x100 Jpg Late Monday, Qualcomm dropped a major announcement regarding the future of Windows RT 8.1 devices, and the announcement couldn’t make Windows 8.1 fans more happier. With the announcement, Qualcomm promises to bring faster mobile processors to mobile Windows 8.1 devices this year.

Posted: June 3 2013 - Written by: Will McGuire

Thailand 1 150x150 Jpg At the worlds’ second largest computer show in Taipei, Microsoft has announced details of the latest updates to their touch-enabled Windows 8 operating systems which bring will back the start button.

Posted: June 1 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msftwindows811 100x100 Jpg In a recent blog post on Blogging Windows on Thursday, Microsoft went into a number of details surrounding the upcoming Windows Blue aka Windows 8.1 release in more details than ever before.

Posted: June 1 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Windows8marketshare1 100x100 Jpg Research released by Net Applications on Friday, indicated that Windows 8 usage by consumers and business users has grown as of May 2013, and that should be good news to Microsoft, despite the slow adaption overall.

Posted: May 31 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Rove201 100x100 Jpg HP announces new Microsoft Windows 8 machines to bring additional Windows 8 systems into the home and business sector. Six different HP machines of tablet and laptop models bring additional Windows 8 machines to the market.

Posted: May 5 2013 - Written by: Will McGuire

Nokia Lumia 920 Phone App Downloads Doubled Ll1 100x100 Jpg Windows Phone is recovering from a sluggish start as Microsoft have announced that the number of app downloads has doubled.

Posted: December 12 2012 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 8 Vs 7 Compared Jpg For all of you who are still unsure whether or not they should upgrade to Windows 8, maybe this infographic will help you to make an educated decision

Posted: November 13 2012 - Written by: Shailpik Biswas

Skype Logo Thumb Jpg As of now, a Preview version of the Skype app is available for Windows phone 8.

Posted: November 13 2012 - Written by: Shailpik Biswas

Directx11 Thumb Jpg In an attempt to further spur on the adoption of Windows 8 everywhere, Microsoft has declared that DirectX 11.1 will be available exclusively on Windows 8.

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