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Posted: September 4 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win8foursquare1 100x100 Jpg On Wednesday, one of the biggest social media and presence apps arrived on Windows 8. With Foursquare being finally available on Windows 8

Posted: September 3 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win8shareaug131 100x100 Jpg On Monday, NetApplications released the monthly updates for operating systems, and the latest numbers are good for Microsoft. The numbers show an almost 2% increase for Windows 8, and show that consumers and enterprise customers are slowly adapting to Windows 8.

Posted: August 29 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81rtmrelease1 100x100 Jpg On Monday, the final bits of the Microsoft Windows 8.1 were finalized and in process to be released to manufacturers. This final stamp of approval by Microsoft, is the finalized version of the newest Windows update that should help users want to switch to Windows 8.

Posted: August 26 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Winphone8update1 100x100 Jpg On the Windows Phone Blog on Wednesday, Microsoft went into details about their upcoming new updates coming to Windows Phone 8. The announced update in May is finally rolling out to users, known as GDR2, and has been slowly making it out to Windows Phone 8 users over the past few weeks.

Posted: August 23 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win8pokkilenovo1 100x100 Jpg While the Windows 8 machines are selling below average to average in the computer markets and retailers, Lenovo made a move to separate itself on the market on Thursday. They are rebuilding the Windows 8 start menu via a Pokki app which should make users happier with Windows 8.

Posted: August 23 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win813dprinting1 100x100 Jpg On its extreme Windows Blog on Thursday, Microsoft engineers detailed the upcoming 3D support and printing options for Windows 8.1. This news by Microsoft should hopefully give 3D printing fans and users a glimmer of hope as Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 later this year.

Posted: August 14 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81updates1 100x100 Jpg A lot of discussions on Monday surrounding Windows and Microsoft were focused around when the Windows 8.1 RTM or final version would be released. A lot of blogs and discussions were ignited on Monday when more information came out and gives an upcoming timeframe that Windows fans will like.

Posted: August 12 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Acerwin8concerns1 100x100 Jpg An interesting comment and statement from Acer in the Wall St Journal gave Windows developers and users some concerns on Thursday. The statement by Acer, states that they are looking to develop more for Google and the Chromebook ecosystem than Windows in the future.

Posted: August 9 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Skypewinph8update1 100x100 Jpg On Tuesday, Microsoft updated the Skype app for Windows Phone 8. The list of features and updates for Skype makes the app more people focused and offers user interface or UI enhancements for users. These additions should make Windows Phone 8 users much more happier with it.

Posted: August 1 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81enterprisepreview1 100x100 Jpg On Tuesday, Microsoft released the latest version of the Windows 8.1 Preview to its enterprise customers. The Windows 8.1 Enterprise preview is geared 100% of the way towards enterprise customers and is completely business focused with its latest updates and features.

Posted: July 27 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Thailand 1 150x150 Jpg On Thursday, Microsoft released the latest version of Fresh Paint for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. The multiple releases are the latest versions of Microsoft’s popular digital art creator, and gives users numerous new features to use with the programs release.

Posted: July 27 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Lumia1020out1 100x100 Jpg Friday marked a huge day for Microsoft and Windows Phone 8, as the Nokia Lumia 1020 was out for public sale for AT&T. This flagship phone is the pinnacle of what Windows Phone is for Microsoft, and is the key phone for Nokia this summer and calendar year ahead.

Posted: July 23 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81skydrive1 100x100 Jpg On Monday, Microsoft gave additional details surrounding the updates to SkyDrive in the Windows 8.1 update being tested by users currently. It gives users a much needed offline access to files, and should satisfy users with exciting new options in Windows 8.1.

Posted: July 19 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Thailand 1 150x150 Jpg The recent updates to Windows 8.1 went live to customers around the globe, and these updates should give users who are testing the latest Microsoft operating system more stability and safety with their OS.

Posted: July 15 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81cert1 100x100 Jpg Microsoft on Friday, announced major changes to manufacturers for their upcoming Windows 8.1 products and devices. The changes to the hardware certification requirements was delivered at the Worldwide Partner Conference, and gives manufacturers ideas on what Windows 8.1 devices will be.

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