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Posted: February 14 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win8twohundred 1 100x100 Jpg Windows 8 has been judged a number of different ways by critics and users, but the number of licenses is generally the sign of success for a Windows product. On Thursday, Microsoft’s executive vice president Tami Reller announced a 200 million license mark for Windows 8.

Posted: February 12 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81leaks 1 100x100 Jpg As all the news for the past week has been about the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 1, on Tuesday, the news about the Windows Phone 8.1 leaks were unleashed. The upcoming release isn’t scheduled for months, but gives promise to Windows Phone users and developers for a new system ahead.

Posted: February 7 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81lang 1 100x100 Png The world of Windows and especially Windows 8.1 is becoming more and more of a global convergence. On Thursday, Microsoft in its Windows Experience Blog, highlighted the world power of Windows 8.1. The blog update talked about the over 7,000 languages available in Windows 8.1.

Posted: February 4 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81update1 1 100x100 Jpg As the latest news surrounding the latest Windows 8.1 Update 1 has been discussed daily, the latest news came as a surprise to many on Monday. The latest update leaked across the Internet on Monday across file sharing websites, and for the first time visually shows the update for real.

Posted: February 4 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win811update 1 100x100 Jpg As rumors continue to persist about the Windows 8.1 Update 1 release in the next few months, the latest rumors about the start screen have surfaced. The latest news about the update seems to indicate that the Windows 8.1 Update 1 will give users a desktop launch overall.

Posted: February 4 2014 - Written by: Will McGuire

Lenovo Motorola Deal 300x1701 100x100 Jpg Lenovo have take Motorola off of Google’s portfolio in a recent deal. What does this mean for the future of both companies?

Posted: January 23 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win81beta 1 100x100 Jpg As Windows is updated, the latest versions from Microsoft constantly evolve, and with that, they get more and more features people want. With news leaking about the Windows 8.1 Update 1 Preview released on Wednesday, fans might be getting a ton of new stuff as early as April.

Posted: January 14 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Win9willwin 1 100x100 Jpg As news surrounding the next release of Windows 9 made its way through the Internet over the weekend and Monday, lots of people talked about the potential and what we could see from it. Overall, it will be an experience that both consumers and enterprise customers will enjoy.

Posted: January 2 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Decembernumbers 100x100 Png In the latest Net Applications marketshare report issued for December, the adaptation of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is shown to be gaining popularity. The numbers show that both operating systems have gained over a 10% market share, and getting customers onboard with the new operating system.

Posted: December 20 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Siennatool 1 100x100 Jpg On Thursday, Microsoft released a brand new tool for web developers who might not know the most advanced coding techniques to create Windows 8 apps for users everywhere. Called Project Siena, the free app is a Metro style app that creates apps and is available starting today.

Posted: December 17 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Winphone81update 1 100x100 Jpg As Windows Phone users are looking forward to the updates in their software, on Monday, news surrounding the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release came out to the cheers of Windows Phone users. The software now includes two major changes that will please many Windows Phone users.

Posted: December 10 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Soclphoneapp 1 100x100 Png On Monday, Microsoft brought out their social app Socl to Windows Phone 8 devices, and is expanding it soon to even more devices. The Socl or “social” app as it is called by many, is the experiment designed by Microsoft to build its social world, and now expands it to its Windows Phone devices.

Posted: November 24 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Appupdates 1 100x100 Jpg This past week, Microsoft updated a bunch of their core apps for Windows 8.1 users, and the updates are very noticeable. The updates to the Mail, Calendar, and People apps went like on the Windows store, and the amount of new features should keep users very happy.

Posted: November 16 2013 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft 3dprinting 1 100x100 Jpg On Friday, Microsoft released a 3D printing app for Windows 8.1 that has shaken up the world of Windows 8.1. The free app was released to help developers and users build their own 3D designs and projects using the built-in support of Windows 8.1, and makes printing more exciting.

Posted: November 7 2013 - Written by: Yasir Saeed

Thailand 1 150x150 Jpg Microsoft made several improvements in Windows 8 that many people are unaware of. Read about the 10 top improvements in Windows 8 as compared to Windows 7.

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