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Posted: July 30 2012 - Written by: Yasir Saeed

More Pc Settings 150x150 Jpg Metered internet connections provide a feasible way of combining multiple connections to boost up the internet speed. Here is a short tutorial on how to turn it ON/OFF in windows 8 consumer preview:

Posted: July 30 2012 - Written by:

Network Airplane Mode On Preview 150x150 Jpg The airplane mode is handy for mobile devices running on Windows 8, so it’s good to know how to turn it on

Posted: July 9 2012 - Written by: Dogar Sahab

Clear History Of Recently Opened Documents On Exit 150x101 Jpg Privacy is important if you share your PC with others. Here’s how you would clear the history of recently opened documents on exit

Posted: June 22 2012 - Written by: Yasir Saeed

New Incoming Connection Preview 150x150 Jpg You want to turn your PC into a VPN? Enable incoming VPN connections. This can also often be done using software from your broadband router manufacturer

Posted: June 22 2012 - Written by: Yasir Saeed

Driver Verifier 150x150 Jpg Broken device drivers can cause system corruption and blue screen. Learn how to enable the driver verifier in Windows 8 to avoid driver problems

Posted: June 11 2012 - Written by: Dogar Sahab

Speech Recognition Options Preview 150x74 Jpg The speech recognition feature will be frequently used in Windows 8 thanks to Kinect and Co. Enable it!  

Posted: April 15 2012 - Written by: Yasir Saeed

Override Automatic Cookie Handling 150x128 Jpg Without cookies you can’t access many site features on the interweb, so here’s how to enable it on Windows 8.

Posted: April 1 2012 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Activating Admin Account Thumb 150x150 Jpg To perform various admin task you need to access the real admin account, here’s how to enable the hidden admin account and get access to all elevated operations.

Posted: March 5 2012 - Written by: Naachiz B.

Transparent Taskbar Aero Theme Enable It Thumb Jpg If you want a transparent taskbar in Windows 8, read this guide. Works for both Developer Preview and Consumer Preview

Posted: February 11 2012 - Written by: Uttam Shrestha

Preview Dma Thumb Jpg Direct Memory Access (DMA) not only increases the device transfer rate but also increases the overall performance of your Computer. Follow the steps provided in this tutorial to enable DMA in Windows 8.

Title Cheers! Thumbnail Date Author
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Interweb features: How to turn on cookies in Windows 8 (manual cookie handling) 2 Orange April 15, 2012 Yasir Saeed
Enable or disable IE10 updates in Windows 8 2 Orange January 9, 2013 Yasir Saeed
Enable speech recognition in Windows 8 Release Preview or Consumer Preview 2 Orange June 11, 2012 Dogar Sahab
Enable DMA (Direct Memory Access) in Windows 8 2 Orange February 11, 2012 Uttam Shrestha
Activate administrator account in Windows 8 via cmd that is hidden / disabled 1 Orange April 1, 2012 Oliver Krautscheid
Auto-Brightness: Turn adaptive brightness on or off in Windows 8 via CP 1 Orange December 31, 2012 Yasir Saeed
Quickly enable and show checkboxes in your Windows 8 explorer 1 Orange May 11, 2013 Oliver Krautscheid
Advanced Networking: Here’s how to enable incoming VPN connections in Windows 8 1 Orange June 22, 2012 Yasir Saeed
Enable “Clear history of recently opened documents on exit” in Windows 8 to maintain privacy 1 Orange July 9, 2012 Dogar Sahab