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Posted: May 25 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Thailand 1 150x150 Jpg No more installing Flash — it’ll be pre-installed.

Posted: April 2 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Internet Explorer 9 Market Share Increasing April 2012 Thumb 150x150 Jpg Revitalised Internet Explorer continues to gain users. Are you using Internet Explorer 9 or 10, read our tutorials!

Posted: March 29 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Metro Ie 10 Included In The Windows 8 Os Consumer Preview Thumb 150x150 Jpg The IE10 desktop version brings back functionality from Metro. Here are the key differences of the desktop browser, compared to the Metro browser.

Posted: March 28 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Internet Explorer Metro Version Thumb 150x150 Png How does the Metro Internet Explorer 10 compare to the desktop version? Here are the differences.

Posted: March 28 2012 - Written by: Shailpik Biswas

Windows 8 IE10 Metro Thumb 150x150 Jpg Microsoft announced that you will be able to decide what Internet Explorer version you want to use in Windows 8, either the Metro version or the Desktop version.

Posted: March 22 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Google Chrome Vs Internet Explorer Stats Market Share Thumb 150x150 Jpg Microsoft says that Chrome is not more popular than Chrome and underlines that the Chrome figures are misleading

Posted: March 21 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Microsoft Internet Explorer Advertismenet Html5 Thumb 150x150 Jpg Microsoft shows off the HTML5 capabilities of the Internet Explorer 10 and the improved performance with a new advertisement: Internet Explorer: the browser you “loved to hate”

Posted: March 15 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Internet Explorer 10 Security Features Thumb Jpg Microsoft explained the latest Internet Explorer 10 security features in a detailed blog post.

Posted: March 14 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Internet Explorer 10 Improvements Thumb Jpg Microsoft significantly improved the performance and security in Internet Explorer 10 – here are all the details

Posted: March 2 2012 - Written by: Uttam Shrestha

Preview IE Thumb Jpg Internet Explorer 10 is one of the best Microsoft’s browser, but if it’s slowing down you will learn how to speed up IE10 quite a bit below!

Posted: February 2 2012 - Written by: Shailpik Biswas

Windows 8 Metro Browser Thumb Jpg Windows 8 Metro Browser won’t run any plugins but you probably won’t be missing out on too much thanks to advances in HTML with HTML5.

Posted: December 5 2011 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

IE10 PP4 Released For Windows8 150x150 Jpg Microsoft released a test build of Internet Explorer (IE) 10 that works only on Windows 8, adding more support for HTML5.

Posted: November 17 2011 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

IE 10 Spell Check Thumb 300x161 150x150 Jpg Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 will have a built in spell checker for fast and accurate typing.

Posted: September 15 2011 - Written by: Shailpik Biswas

Windows 8 Ie10 Browser 150x150 Jpg Microsoft unveiled that there will be two Internet Explorer 10 versions. One full desktop version and one Metro app for Windows 8 that includes no plugins at all and will be 100% flash free with a great focus on HTML5.

Posted: June 30 2011 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Internet Explorer 10 Preview 2 Sheds Light On Windows 8 Jpg Microsoft has released the second test version of their upcoming IE10 browser, officially known as the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Review 2. It is the same engine that was used during Microsoft’s first Windows 8 demo.

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Internet Explorer 10 Metro App in Windows 8 Will Be Plugin And Flash Free 1 Orange September 15, 2011 Shailpik