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Posted: July 2 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Gfgjuly1 100x100 Jpg The Games For Gold program for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One has become wildly successful, and it is a major reason why people love the Xbox Live Gold ecosystem. Microsoft on Tuesday announced the latest additions to the Games With Gold program in July, and they look cool.

Posted: June 28 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Xboxcomupdate1 100x100 Jpg Xbox One users are the next-generation console owners, and have had to deal with some minor issues with the site in regards to view and post achievements. On Friday, Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced that this delay would no longer happen, with updates coming to

Posted: June 26 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Infinity Runner Indie Game 100x100 Png Here at we regularly feature Windows themes of Indie games, so we thought it would be nice to have a weekly spotlight for all Indie games we think really stand out.

Posted: June 6 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Kfwv2 1 100x100 Jpg The Kinect has been something that for the most part, has been exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But recently, Microsoft has been wanting to get developers to build aps and programs using Kinect for Windows. On Thursday, Microsoft opened up preorders for the Kinect.

Posted: April 25 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Unrealengine4 1 100x100 Jpg Xbox One developers have been waiting for great tools to be delivered to them from Microsoft, and their patience has been a grumbled one. On Thursday, Microsoft announced that ID@Xbox Developers wil be getting the Unreal Engine 4 for Xbox One, and will make them very happy.

Posted: March 29 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Desura 100x100 Jpg Steam is the clear market leader of online gaming stores, but what alternatives are there? a

Posted: March 21 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Directx12 1 100x100 Png One of the more eagerly anticipated announcements during this week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, was going to be from Microsoft. On Thursday, Microsoft un-lifted the veil off of DirectX12, which is its new graphics API that will power tablet, PC, and mobile platforms.

Posted: March 20 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Projectsparkxboxone1 100x100 Jpg Project Spark is Microsoft’s independent game developer program that allows almost anyone to create games for Windows and the Xbox console. On Wednesday, Microsoft opened up the Project Spark program as an open beta on the Xbox One, which will surely inspire many would be game programmers.

Posted: March 16 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Xboxsalesfeb14 1 100x100 Jpg The console wars between Microsoft and Sony has been very heated, and the two companies have gone back and forth battling each other for consumers. Sales figures on Friday from the NPD Group show that the Xbox One has sold record number of units along with the Xbox 360.

Posted: March 6 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Xbox1 100x100 Jpg Microsoft has made the Xbox One the living room device of the future, and given it a number of recent updates. On Wednesday, the company officially announced the March update rollout and the features of Bing Web Search being available on the console.

Posted: March 5 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Xboxonetues 1 100x100 Png Xbox One got a number of updates on Tuesday, as the console got a variety of updates from Microsoft. By adding the volume of Xbox music videos, the latest Xbox one update, and the ability to create games using Project Spark, the Xbox One just got a major boost from Microsoft.

Posted: February 28 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Xboxoneupdate 1 100x100 Jpg The Xbox One has gotten a recent update, but the major update due on March 11th is the major one anticipated by many. On Thursday, news and screen shots were revealed that fully show the update options and should deliver a huge number of features for Xbox One users from Microsoft.

Posted: February 27 2014 - Written by: Dave Amodt

Msft Xboxonetwitch 1 100x100 Jpg The Xbox One has been a giant success for Microsoft, but one of the many complaints about the service was the lack of live broadcasting from the console. On Tuesday, Microsoft and Xbox announced the rollout of live broadcasting on Twitch starting on March 11th, 2014.

Posted: February 25 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Snooker Pc Game 100x100 Jpg Do you know Snooker? I’ve been watching Snooker for some years and thought it would be worth downloading one of those free Snooker games to see what they are like. Here’s a free snooker PC game that you can play for fun or money.

Posted: February 25 2014 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

The Worlds Hardest Game 100x100 Jpg If you’re looking for a real challenge, why not try the world’s hardest game? The free arcade game that you can play online has 30 levels and is really damn hard. It’s a challenge for tough guys with patience. Do you have patience or can you outsmart the game?

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