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Posted: August 29 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Launch Numbers Players Thumb3 150x150 Jpg The hype for ArenaNet’s MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is, for now, justified. The developed revealed the game sold 1 million copies before the official day of launch, August 29, and clocked 400,000 concurrent users.

Posted: August 23 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Arena Net Guild Wars 2 Talk 150x150 Jpg Guild Wars 2 launches for those who pre-purchased — called the Headstart period — this Friday. If you’ve been following the Guild Wars 2 development it’ll be pretty clear ArenaNet is working to optimize the game, and that’s the subject of the latest blog post from the developer.

Posted: August 16 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Charr Class Thumb 150x150 Jpg As we reported last week, ArenaNet — developers of Guild Wars 2 – is running weekly stress tests to gear up for the August 28 launch. Yesterday’s stress test was the latest, so is there new stuff?

Posted: August 13 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Launch Date Thumb 150x112 Jpg The final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is long gone, and developer ArenaNet is running regular stress tests to probably ensure servers don’t blow up at launch. So we thought it would be interesting to cover the stress tests, and what ArenaNet is testing.

Posted: August 8 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 The Wow Killer Thumb 150x150 Jpg Reuters predicted that World of Warcraft could see a 25% drop in subscribers with the launch of Guild Wars 2, launching August 28 (and August 25 for pre-purchasers). It’s unlikely a single game will dethrone World of Warcraft, but as more MMOGs chips away market share will fall.

Posted: July 26 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Screenshot Beta 2012 Thumb 150x150 Jpg The third, and final, Guild Wars 2 beta weekend finished last week. Touched on yesterday, here’s a more in-depth conclusion as we move towards launch.

Posted: July 24 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Pick Guild Wars 2 Name Thumb 150x150 Jpg ArenaNet has announced original Guild Wars name can now be reserved, up to July 31, as the company has just over four weeks before launch. And the final beta weekend was last week.

Posted: July 20 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

When Does The Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Start 150x150 Jpg ArenaNet is opening its virtual doors to players who have pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, the company’s free-to-play MMORPG, releasing August 28. If you haven’t pre-purchased, you can still get access.

Posted: July 20 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Amazon Com Thumb 150x150 Jpg Wondering how you can get into the final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend? Don’t worry, Amazon’s got your back. The online retailer is offering Standard and Digital Deluxe version of the title, to download digitally, so here are the details.

Posted: July 19 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Project Thumb 150x150 Jpg Shadowrun returns, in the form of a Kickstarter project called Shadowrun Online. The game is a browser and tablet MMOG.

Posted: June 28 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Release August 150x150 Jpg Guild Wars, the MMOG developed by ArenaNet, has been confirmed to be releasing August 28, 2012. The date is earlier than expected, but doesn’t make us any less excited.

Posted: June 15 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Swtor Going Free To Play Thumb 150x150 Jpg This year’s free-to-level-15 announcement was a precursor to the main event. SWTOR will go free-to-play soon

Posted: May 30 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Second Beta Weekend Thumb 150x150 Jpg It looks like ArenaNet managed to install the additional servers pretty quickly and a second Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is about to start.

Posted: May 29 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Thailand 1 150x150 Jpg Studio cuts, subscriber drops and now empty servers.

Posted: May 10 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Thumb2 150x150 Jpg A Guild Wars 2 stress test is running for seven hours, so be ready to jump in.

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