5 Windows 8 Versions Compared + PDF eBook

So, you are considering buying Windows 8 when it gets released? Then you should know all about the 5 Windows 8 version. This comparison is supposed to help you understand the key differences and make an educated buying decision.

We Compared The Windows 8 Editions And New Features

Download Feature Comparions of Windows 8 Editions

Version 1: Windows 8

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The basic version – this version is intended for all 32-bit and 64-bit PC’s and mobile devices that are not running on ARM. This version should be the best choice for the average Windows users who needs it to surf the web, play a game

Version 2: Windows 8 Pro

You’re a tech enthusiasts? We love Windows and will definitely get this version, because it adds advanced features that many advanced users will appreciate like encryption and virtual machines. Also includes the Windows Media Center but it will be an add-on – it is possible this add-on will also be available for Windows 8 (basic), so do not buy Pro only for this feature. However, from our experience especially the average user can profit from the Pro edition. As know from prevision Windows edition, the basic version will not include the Group Policy Editor, but this tool can especially help beginners who are following a tutorial on a website like ours.

Version 3: Windows 8 Local Language

You are in China or India and want to use Windows 8? Microsoft is aware of your lower budget and will make sure to provide appropriate versions for your country and other emerging markets.

Version 4: Windows 8 RT

Do you have a tablet that runs on ARM? Various mobile devices will have an ARM CPU. If so, you need Windows 8 RT. This version adds Microsoft new Office with touch. Get this version if you are a mobile user and don’t have a desktop PC

Version 5: Windows 8 Enterprise

Companies and enterprises around the world rely on Windows products. If you are keen on upgrading and bringing your IT organization or small business up to date, this version should be considered as a viable alternative to the versions mentioned above.

Windows 8 Features Compared: Tidy Sheet With Color Formatting

Don’t know what version you should get and what features are included in what edition? If so, grab this PDF file:

Windows 8 Features Compared Ebook Pdf Free

We created this PDF file for you to easily compare all of the versions:

Download Feature Comparions of Windows 8 Editions

Still can’t decide?

Let us know what you want to do and what device you want to run Windows 8 and we will let you know what version you should get! Hopefully, this little comparison will help you get the best edition for your own unique needs.

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2 Responses to 5 Windows 8 Versions Compared + PDF eBook

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    jayne said:

    I was considering upgrading to W8Pro from 7 but note MSOffice and components do NOT work in it. What’s the reasoning behind that? Something ELSE to buy from MicroSoft? I’m disappointed as most all my documents are constructed and saved in Word.

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Arthur said:

    Apologies I’ve just noticed your post here.

    The infogram that is used within the article is incorrect. I’ve had Office 2010, 2013 & Office 365 running without issue on a system with Win8 Pro installed.

    Though as they say, MSOffice (x86 &x 64) will NOT run upon Win8RT (tablet version)

    Hope this helps

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